Let’s engage in interactive learning experiences that allow us to have fun, expand our skillsets, learn from each other, and feel energized and hopeful!

Here are a few topics I can discuss as a keynote:

The Question: How can we meet the needs of all learners without going backwards, lowering expectations, and losing our sanity? The Answer: Give your class a makeover with a Universally Designed math workshop. The Surprise: It’s easier than you think! This session will deliver the resources, structures, and inspiration you need to start tomorrow!
Ready to ditch the tricks but need to know the fixes? This session will explore common tricks and how to replace them with sound instruction. Learn how to make concepts stick through sense-making and connections! Say buh-bye to rounding riddles, key words, and butterflies, and hello to a world where decimal points don’t move (because they don’t).
How can we take our instruction from blah to bam and get kids feeling great about math? This session will share practical strategies for creating classroom environments that foster engagement, build independence, and cultivate positive dispositions. Participants will learn how to use games, routines, and literature to boost confidence, differentiate instruction and positively impact student learning.
"Jackpot! Alison Mello is a true professional educational leader who is able to instruct other professionals at an elevated level...She is a fantastic find in your self discovery of implementing a strong math workshop. I will bring all of this information and resources back to my school!"
"Alison is great! She's motivational, shares real experiences and applicable resources. She's a reliable and dependable instructor who values future communication." 
"Best course ever!! Do you think you don't like math?? Give math another try!"
"Alison was so helpful, patient and, knowledgeable! She made her students feel comfortable to ask questions, and had many ways to make the information she was giving meaningful and relatable."

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