Math Workshops, Professional Development, Guided Math, Coaching

Is math performance lower than you’d like?

I offer customized support and training to make the work of teachers and leaders more


Identify ways to save time & maximize instructional minutes


Learn strategies to increase positive outcomes for ALL students


Make small, simple shifts that bring huge returns in engagement & achievement
This is not your typical professional development. Together we will engage in interactive learning experiences that allow us to have fun, expand our skillsets, learn from each other, and feel energized and hopeful!

Learn more about the services I offer below:

Teacher Workshops

Keynote Addresses


Graduate Courses

Curriculum Support

Professional Development Topics:

  • Guided Math/Math Workshop
  • Integrating Routines to Increase Reasoning & Engagement Taking a Strategic Approach to Fluency with Basic Facts Supporting Conceptual Understanding through the use of Tools
  • The Art of Questioning Content-Specific Workshops
    • By grade level
    • By content (ie, place value, fractions, etc..) Effective Integer Instruction
  • Mathematizing Your School
  • Integrating 3-Act Tasks to Transform Problem-Solving Math in the Real World
  • The Importance of Language in Math
  • Shifting from Tricks to Understanding
  • Exploring the Intersections of Math Workshop, UDL, and SEL
  • Customized workshops available upon request


  • Modeling Lessons/Instructional Practices Individual/Group Coaching
  • PLC coaching:
    • Using data to inform instruction
    • Planning for small groups using error patterns
    • Designing math workstations for intervention/enrichment

Graduate Courses:

  • Effectively Differentiating Instruction Using Guided Math Workshop
  • Guided Math 2.0: Effective Use of Small, Flexible Groups to Meet the Needs of ALL Learners

Comprehensive Math Review/Audit:

  • Schedule an appointment to discuss