Books by Dr. Alison J. Mello

A Teacher's Guide to Math Workshop shares a step-by-step process for implementing a math workshop in any classroom and with any math curriculum. Grounded in research-based best practices in math education, this introduction to math workshop is enhanced with classroom videos that bring the content to life. You'll see students engaged in standards-based, differentiated, academically rich mathematics tasks and activities that help them see the value of math and make connections to math in their everyday lives. Vivid pictures, artifacts, classroom video, and writing from three expert educators show you the daily rituals and routines of math workshop: whole group instruction, small, guided math groups, and purposeful partner and individual math workstations.

Fluency in math doesn’t just happen! It is a well-planned journey. In this book, you’ll find practical strategies and activities for teaching your elementary students' basic addition and subtraction facts. The authors lay out the basic framework for building math fluency using a cycle of engagement (concrete, pictorial, abstract) and provide a multitude of examples illustrating the strategies in action.

Students can do so much with the beaded number line – counting, skip-counting, place value, rounding to the nearest 10 or 100, operations on whole numbers and decimals, and more! This teacher resource by respected math educators provides 60 classroom-tested activities for elementary students. Each activity is designed to help students visualize quantities and number relationships in a concrete way before transitioning to the open number line and abstract strategies.

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