About Dr. Alison J. Mello

Dr. Alison J. Mello has been in education for over 25 years, working as a classroom teacher, math specialist, director of math curriculum, and Assistant Superintendent. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. Alison is a co-author of Fluency Doesn’t Just Happen with Addition and Subtraction, Working with the Beaded Number Line, and the forthcoming Teacher’s Guide to Getting Started with Math Workshop. She has spent the last decade as a national speaker, math consultant, and graduate instructor of in-service and pre-service teachers. Alison enjoys working to develop practical strategies to address issues that districts and teachers face in their schools and classrooms every day. She uses her understanding of leadership, curriculum and best practices to inspire and assist leaders and teachers in using the resources at their disposal to elevate and transform math instruction. Through her engaging seminars and courses, she supports schools in catalyzing systemic change and fosters shifts that ensure equitable, engaging, effective math instruction for all students. As someone who herself struggled both as a math student and math teacher, she is excited to share what she has learned and support other districts and teachers on their journeys toward more equitable, engaging and exciting math instruction.



Father Stanley J. Bezuszka, S.J. Achievement Award for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts (ATMIM)


MA House of Representatives Commendation


Educator in Action Award